Face & Body Enhancing Transfers Montgomery AL


Face and Body Enhancing Fat Transfers at Symmetry Day Spa in Montgomery, Alabama are some of the latest cosmetic procedures for sculpting and restoring natural beauty. Face and Body Enhancing Fat Transfers use your own body fat to treat your face, breasts, or buttocks. Recreate your youthful appearance with fat transfers from Symmetry Day Spa.

Face Enhancing Fat Transfers

Facial Enhancing Fat Transfers restore facial volume to help reverse the signs of facial aging, especially for faces with a sunken or drawn appearance. Face Enhancing Fat Transfers involve harvesting fat cells from your tummy, hips, or buttocks with a gentle suctioning method. Your harvested fat cells are processed and injected into your face to increase overall facial volume. Your new youthful appearance is long lasting, and for some people, Face Enhancing Fat Transfers are permanent.

Breast Enhancing Fat Transfers

If you want bigger shapely youthful breasts, but not breast implants, then Breast Enhancing Fat Transfers can be a great alternative. Breast Enhancing Fat Transfers involve harvesting your own fat cells with gentle liposuction from another part of your body. The unwanted fat is processed and injected into your breasts, creating larger breasts. Your new breasts will look and feel natural. Because breast implants are not used and because you use your own fat cells, you do not need to worry about ruptured breast implants or replacing implants. Improve the appearance of your chest naturally, with long-lasting Breast Enhancing Fat Transfers.

Buttocks Enhancing Fat Transfers “Brazilian Butt Lift”

Buttocks Enhancing Fat Transfers, also referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or butt augmentation, can be an ideal method for creating a more voluptuous high rounded rear. Buttocks Enhancing Fat Transfers do not use implants, but instead use harvested fat cells from your tummy, thighs, lower back, or love handles. Special attention is made to sculpt the areas around the buttocks with gentle liposuction to achieve dramatic results. In the final step of the butt augmentation process, your fat cells are artistically injected at different depths with extra emphasis on the upper buttock region. Your entire rear-end will appear high and youthful, naturally, with Buttocks Enhancing Fat Transfers.