Chemical Peels Montgomery AL

Salicylic Peel

20 min

This peel works to penetrate and clean deep down into pores. This peel is great for acne-prone skin. Dead skin, debris, and oil can clog pores, resulting in blackhead and acne formation. Salicylic Peels promote a clear, healthy complexion and begin working after only one peel!

Glycolic Peel

20 min

This peel will work to restore younger skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. Glycolic peels will tighten and tone the skin, as well as reduce pigment problems. With very little peeling, Glycolic Peels are perfect for those wanting a better appearance with little down time!

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

20 min

Quick and easy salicylic acid-based facial chemical peel for all skin types that exfoliates and helps improve overall complexion. Instant, radiant results for most skin types. Improves a range of skin concerns, including photo damage, and results in an overall improvement in texture and tone.┬ĚProvides instant radiance: tighter, smoother, brighter looking skin after just 1 use.

Perfect Peel

25 min

The Perfect Peel works from the inside to repair and nourish the skin by giving it a radiant glow, refining pores, improving skin hyperpigmentation, lifting melisma, controlling acne, preventing acne marks, and defying the aging process.